Monday, March 6, 2017

Renewing With Urban Infill

     In the recently-adopted Official Community Plan (2016), has determined that 75% of population growth in the immediate future will take place within the existing urban build. In other words, only 25% will take place in newly-developed lands within the urban boundaries.

     To that end, the OCP has provided opportunities for creative thinking by land owners that will not only breath new life into existing residential areas, but will also increase the density of same. City Council is beginning to see the results of that planning in the proposals coming before Council. Today was one such example. The proposal was to convert 7 large lots into a 26-unit residential development, consisting of a 22 single family strata unit development, and 4 fee simple, single family coach home lots. 

The existing neighbourhood on the north side of George Ferguson Way, 
west of Ash St. 

The proposed consolidation into two parcels. 

The policy, under the new OCP, which provides the framework 
for creative redevelopment of existing urban core.

For detailed explanation, the following link will give the reader access to the pertinent section of the OCP: Land Use Plan 

Future two-storey streetscape at George Ferguson and Ash St.

Three-storey units at back, with lane way serving both rows of single-family units.

The full report to Council can be accessed by clicking HERE

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